Definition of informality in English:



  • Relaxed, friendly, or unofficial style or nature; absence of formality.

    ‘he enjoyed the informality of the occasion’
    • ‘We should not mistake informality for inefficiency, or naturalness for sloppiness.’
    • ‘I strongly disagreed with her on some issues but she merited respect, and her natural popularity and her informality may also show where those of us in politics may be going wrong!’
    • ‘Never confuse natural informality with a license for laxity.’
    • ‘He was well known for his unstuffy approach and informality, which was reflected in the funeral arrangements.’
    • ‘The formal references made by this stood in stark contrast to Rhode's relative casualness and the informality of his performance.’
    lack of ceremony, casualness, unceremoniousness, non-formality, unpretentiousness
    homeliness, cosiness
    ease, ease of manner, naturalness, relaxedness, approachability, accessibility
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