Definition of infomediary in English:



  • An Internet company that gathers and links information on particular subjects on behalf of commercial organizations and their potential customers.

    • ‘The most significant attempts at providing user privacy in this arena have been centered around the use of infomediaries.’
    • ‘These advantages have given new life to the information content business and created the opportunities for a new breed of infomediaries - essentially packagers of information.’
    • ‘The Review adds that in recent years, there has been a considerable growth of infomediaries, which are creating marketplaces, and exchanges for transportation services.’
    • ‘Already we have seen the rise of a new type of middleman: the infomediary.’
    • ‘‘We are not a merchant, we are an infomediary, an agent of the merchants, whether they be brick-and-mortar or virtual,’ explains Misunas.’
    • ‘The company has redefined its role from being a directory publisher to being an information-provider and an intermediary that brings buyers and sellers together - thus infomediary.’
    • ‘Long ago, we made a shift from intermediary to infomediary, enabling us to take advantage of our place in the middle.’
    • ‘So you become more than an infomediary; you become a facilitator,’ he pointed out.’
    • ‘Where mediated costs were traditionally tied to the movement of physical assets, the arrival of the Internet economy provided new infomediaries with the opportunity to gain real power from information assets.’


1980s: after intermediary.