Definition of infinitely in US English:



  • 1To an infinite extent or amount; without limit.

    ‘there are issues here that could be expanded infinitely’
    ‘infinitely divisible magnitudes’
    • ‘We have to point out that only numbers can increase exponentially and infinitely.’
    • ‘The world went nuts over the idea of a low-cost, infinitely renewable source of energy that could sit on a coffee table.’
    • ‘Five identical small white cat dolls on pedestals are displayed in a row of cages, their numbers infinitely extended by mirrors on either end.’
    • ‘Here, light from above strikes a succession of low arches that seem to extend infinitely.’
    • ‘Begun as a limited series for book publication, the collection has grown to suggest an infinitely expandable archive.’
    • ‘He sees things as lines and space, infinitely intersecting in nature, mind, and society.’
    • ‘We carry the house of childhood around with us, like a snail with an invisible, infinitely whorled shell.’
    • ‘It follows from the property of density that on arbitrarily small stretches of a line, infinitely many points must lie.’
    • ‘Infinitely variable transmission is being tested by certain automobile companies.’
    • ‘It is enormous in size, in shape, in possibility, in time, in matter, in dimensions, infinitely.’
    1. 1.1as submodifier To a very great degree; immensely.
      ‘a sweet, infinitely watchable performance’
      ‘doing something is infinitely preferable to doing nothing’
      • ‘We have only his infinitely mobile facial expressions to guide us.’
      • ‘No architectural medium is more infinitely expressive and endlessly challenging.’
      • ‘The movie is an undeniably entertaining and infinitely hip movie.’
      • ‘I identify infinitely more with the kids in that movie.’
      • ‘The conditions and consequences of hosting such a show, particularly in Johannesburg, are infinitely more interesting than the art itself.’
      • ‘The space, fitted with lighting tracks, is infinitely flexible.’
      • ‘The updated classicism of the curtains seemed more contemporary and infinitely more engaging.’
      • ‘The inspiration for art and popular culture at any given time is infinitely complex.’
      • ‘Order, grand airy galleries, changing volumes and quantities of natural light together create an infinitely more agreeable experience.’
      • ‘This return has given birth to something infinitely new which must be accounted for.’