Definition of infiltration in English:



  • 1The action of entering or gaining access to an organization or place surreptitiously, especially in order to acquire secret information or cause damage.

    ‘the army fenced parts of the border in an effort to stop militant infiltration’
    ‘cross-border infiltrations’
    • ‘When headquarters is attacked by a well-organized infiltration team, Robin is forced to flee into hiding.’
    • ‘The stupefying infiltration of the White House quickly establishes that distinguishing the good guys from the bad guys will be difficult.’
    • ‘It's entirely possible to do a creepy and credible movie about alien infiltration, but this one suffers from a horribly written script.’
    • ‘The government there has repeatedly complained about continuing cross-border infiltration.’
    • ‘One product was described as an infiltration game that takes place in occupied France during World War II.’
    • ‘He insisted their president was not informed about the infiltration of militants and the molestation of civilians by the "presidential guard."’
    • ‘The movie is a direct reflection of the growing fear of foreign infiltration at the time, and the expanding social unrest of the civil rights movement.’
    • ‘Borders must be adequately guarded to prevent infiltration by hostile elements, and adequate force strength must be maintained.’
    • ‘The endless sequences showing infiltration into the supervillain's island base are flat, with no compelling mystery waiting to be solved.’
    • ‘It soon became apparent that sites would be selected by government officials wary of infiltration by Western spies.’
    1. 1.1Medicine The spread of a tumor, cells, etc. into a tissue or organ.
      ‘swelling of the lymph nodes due to infiltration of cancerous cells’
      • ‘This stops polymorphonucleocyte infiltration and results in a resolution of the inflammatory process.’
      • ‘Infiltration of the cells' mitochondria, consequent to this exposure, creates an alarming cellular scenario.’
      • ‘Rats receiving this showed a decrease in bloody stools as well as decreased inflammatory cell infiltration and erosion in the colon.’
      • ‘The presence of inflammatory cell infiltration is one of its main histological features.’
      • ‘The inflammatory mediators signal eosinophil, basophil, neutrophil, and monocyte infiltration.’
      • ‘After exposure to the antigen, there is intense infiltration of tissues with inflammatory mediators.’
      • ‘This can slow the immune system's clearance of the virus, cause pulmonary eosinophil infiltration, and exacerbate asthma inflammation.’
      • ‘"Vulnerable plaque" is plaque with a thinning fibrous cap and increased macrophage infiltration.’
      • ‘They found red ginseng reduced this cancer cell infiltration by 63 percent.’
      • ‘With increased amounts of hepatic fatty infiltration, weight loss may actually increase portal fibrosis and bile stasis.’
  • 2Permeation of a liquid into something by filtration.

    ‘improved water infiltration into the soil’
    ‘this mosaic was in danger of being lost because of the infiltration of rainwater’
    • ‘An urban drainage system based on infiltration returns clean, plentiful water to streams at the rate they need for healthy fish habitat.’
    • ‘The settling basin keeps solids out of an infiltration area or a holding pond.’
    • ‘The residue slows the runoff, allowing more time for infiltration.’
    • ‘Residues on the soil surface increase infiltration on crusting soil, and they also reduce evaporation of water from the soil.’
    • ‘The variety of carefully considered planting extends the idea of natural infiltration.’
    • ‘Liners are an effective way to prevent infiltration of groundwater into the system.’
    • ‘Each gallon of water requires approximately 8 square feet of area to insure proper infiltration.’
    • ‘A lack of adequate clay, which is important for the development of a durable structure, contributes to low infiltration.’
    • ‘The breaking down of the structure greatly reduces the water infiltration rate.’
    • ‘Liquid manure applied at rates greater than the soil infiltration rate or water-holding capacity can promote runoff.’
  • 3The process of gradually permeating or becoming a part of something.

    ‘the gradual infiltration of Boyce's music into the national consciousness’
    • ‘The exhibition is self-described as "a recent (incomplete) history of infiltrations, actions, and propositions utilizing contemporary art."’
    • ‘It would touch upon the centrality of the automobile in mid-20th century Western society and the infiltration of Europe by American brand-name goods.’
    • ‘The infiltration of technology into daily life is transforming our patterns of play, work, love, birth, and death such that the cyborg is a metaphor that is lived by.’
    • ‘This has served largely only to obscure the infiltration of factory management control techniques into wider areas of the economy.’
    • ‘These many setbacks resulted in an unprecedented infiltration of its cultural, economic, and territorial borders.’
    • ‘This infiltration of sport into Italian politics seems a common feature right across the political spectrum.’
    • ‘The record of women in the professions has been unimpressive and mirrors the experience of women's infiltration into the professions in other countries.’
    • ‘The silver sculpture of cooking pots intermingled with aluminum replicas of guns suggest the infiltration of violence into everyday life.’
    • ‘The infiltration of black and Hispanic women into public social work and the flight of white women into private practice racially divided the field.’
    • ‘The jealously guarded patents hindered photography's commercial infiltration into England.’