Definition of infill in US English:



  • 1Material that fills or is used to fill a space or hole.

    ‘the cave infill consists of silt and rock’
    count noun ‘the path has brown pebble paving for an infill’
    • ‘Here, to free this wall of the defect meant considerable extra labour costs, extra materials and extra infill of a higher quality, which goes beyond the standard.’
    • ‘The remaining portion was dewatered and filled with a dry infill mix.’
    • ‘An infill piece can be added on top of the wall to close off an area, creating a private office.’
    • ‘The end walls of the nave make up a frame of concrete columns and beams with concrete block infill.’
    • ‘With the exception of one possible geopetal structure, the infilling of xylem vessels appears monotextural along their length.’
    • ‘The HPC tremie infill concrete was then used to fill the first 10 feet inside the precast segments, replacing the ballast of the water.’
    • ‘Then working outwards from the centre, the remaining collapse and infill material would be removed and all voids re-filled with properly compacted chalk.’
    • ‘The Harris County Jail in downtown Houston is the country's largest facility of its type and features exterior walls of reinforced-block infill faced with traditional red brick.’
    • ‘The three-dimensional network of interconnected, perforated cells is filled with select infill materials such as topsoil, aggregates, concrete, or a combination of those materials.’
    • ‘The lower level has patterned brick exterior walls punctuated by arched windows, while the upper walls are heavy wood timber with stucco infill.’
    • ‘Most of the arthropods consist of an infill of sparry calcite with uniform luminescence.’
    • ‘The crane lifted a large bottom-dump concrete bucket filled with granular infill material.’
    • ‘It will have a cutaway section so you can see how the crater was originally shaped because it's got a lot of silt and infill in it - 50,000 years is a long time.’
    • ‘The stripwork and the quoins are all rebated and stand proud of the stone infill to allow external plaster work to fill in between the strips.’
    • ‘For instance, in the case of strengthening masonry infill with FRP bars, they may be easily anchored to columns and beams.’
    • ‘At test opening number four, at the parapet level on the east wall, Mr. Roney observed brick and concrete block infill in the flange of the beam.’
    • ‘European hazel, which was generally used for woven fence panels or as infill in the timber framing of medieval buildings, was favored for shafts certainly by the late seventeenth century.’
    • ‘Gray describes his house as ‘a concrete skeleton with glass, stone, and glass-block infill.’’
    • ‘The job required 1.8 million cu yd of excavation, four detention basins and 1.3 million cu yd of infill.’
    • ‘It should be noted that natural strata vary from point to point and groundwater conditions are dependent on seasonal and other factors, while infill materials are subject to an even greater degree of diversity.’
    1. 1.1 Buildings constructed to occupy the space between existing ones.
      ‘the town has a few old houses and plenty of recent infill’
      as modifier ‘infill development’
      • ‘He and his colleagues are currently designing similar projects in other Southern cities, where they are making renovation and infill fit the history and feel of local sites.’
      • ‘Residents of Lisduggan have expressed concern over the proposed building of infill housing on the estate.’
      • ‘It's in a former mews street, half of which is being demolished - and where the other new infill buildings are absolute rubbish.’
      • ‘The requirement that a certain proportion of any new development should consist of affordable homes doesn't apply at present to small infill developments of less than about 25 homes.’
      • ‘The property is zoned A1 to promote existing residential amenity and to provide for private infill residential development.’
      • ‘Menston villagers have previously called for residents to ask for protection orders on trees in their gardens, to help preserve the character of the village, and also as a bar on infill housing developments.’
      • ‘Another report will look at the impact on views, gross floor space, backyard infill housing and subdivision of lot sizes.’
      • ‘The National Academies Building in Washington D.C. is infill built between and over historic buildings.’
      • ‘Elimination of substandard housing and encouragement of infill housing, including downtown residential development.’
      • ‘I am disappointed because it was an opportunity to clamp down on the destruction of the existing community by infill development.’
      • ‘The €15 million mixed use infill development on the Royal Marine Road will link the existing streetscape from the Pavilion to the Dun Laoghaire shopping centre.’
      • ‘Also, in some cases higher-density infill development has been opposed by local residents.’
      • ‘Recent controversies range from infill developments in leafy green suburbs to mobile phone masts and a winter depot for travelling show people near Micheldever.’
      • ‘This is a conservation area and there should only be infill building but this is a mini-estate.’
      • ‘When conservation comes up against infill, infill wins every time.’
      • ‘When a developer first proposed building infill housing on the playground and parking lot of an old school and turning the school into condominiums, the neighbors were ready for revolt.’
      • ‘In San Francisco, for example, the Greenbelt Alliance Compact Development Endorsement Program supports infill housing and developments if they are transit oriented or affordable.’
      • ‘Carefully planned to take advantage of its site and climate, this new house sets an example for infill development in the hot and sunny Brisbane suburbs’
      • ‘The South Auckland council is being criticised for allowing poor quality, infill housing developments in Howick.’
      • ‘The site was located in the middle of the village and was an infill development.’


[with object]
  • 1Fill or block up (a space or hole)

    ‘the inlets at Seaford are now infilled’
    • ‘Sulphide infilled vesicles form numerous zones of disseminated magmatic sulphides within B-zones of thick komatiite lavas.’
    • ‘This indurated metamorphic rock and its tectonic fabrics are cut across by several centimetre-scale cracks infilled by undeformed quartzitic matrix.’
    • ‘Evidence of the actual behaviour of the system is considered, primarily based on groundwater chemistry and the nature of the youngest minerals infilling pores and fractures.’
    • ‘In this case, the matrix seen through the hole would represent sediment that has infilled an indentation originating in the interior of the valve.’
    • ‘In some cases the secondary pore space created by feldspar dissolution may be infilled by clay reaction products, or the secondary pore space may be a net contribution to total rock porosity.’
    • ‘Secondary (surge-derived) pyroclastic flow deposits are locally exposed, generally infilling palaeochannels with no lateral continuity, and commonly overlying blast deposits.’
    • ‘Gravels are common in rivers, they cover old river terraces, and they infill buried channels beneath many river valleys in ancient fluvial sedimentary sequences.’
    • ‘The settlement pattern expanded and previously sparsely settled areas were infilled, especially in the Valley of Mexico.’
    • ‘With the grid taut, the geocell sections were infilled, and the infill was compacted at the required elevations.’
    • ‘It proposed the continued infilling of the southeastern shore for industrial land and wharfage.’
    • ‘The Royal Pier itself would be totally redeveloped while the next door area of water, now used by Red Funnel, would be infilled up to Town Quay.’
    • ‘Only in places close to outer wall do some small interseptal spaces remain free, not infilled by dilation.’
    • ‘Each terrace represents a fan of younger pyroclastic deposits infilling valleys cut in older fans.’
    • ‘I do not see this letter as seriously detracting from the general recognition that the restoration stage commences with the cessation of infilling the Site and the capping.’
    • ‘The group is against plans to turn the town's public bath into an eight-storey apartment block that would also infill the sea.’
    • ‘Conversely, under the influence of southerly winds, the sea invaded the coastal zone of the deltaic platform, infilling the salt marshes and lagoons.’
    • ‘The current threats to its habitat include road constructions and shore developments, which either infill the habitat or alter freshwater flow across the shore.’
    • ‘In particular the water-filled marl hole can be infilled under supervision to an engineering specification suitable for build development and thus reclaimed for housing.’
    • ‘Much of today's field pattern was created by the subsequent subdivision and infilling of this early landscape.’
    • ‘This facies change could be a result of the subsiding volcanic centre in the Jacobsen and Miki Fjord area being infilled by volcanic material shed from the Ryberg, Jensen and Nansen Fjord area.’
    1. 1.1 Construct new buildings between (existing structures)
      ‘councils can also infill existing built-up areas’
      • ‘The Medical Center has infilled its employee parking to expand the hospital's emergency services department.’
      • ‘New development on the edge of an existing town is often preferable to infilling on many small - often sensitive - sites in the town itself, or creating new villages in open countryside, with the added problems of commuting.’
      • ‘Discourage future strip commercial development and promote clustered commercial opportunities and the infilling of existing commercial areas.’
      • ‘Policy LP17 sets out 4 circumstances in which infilling or groups of dwelling will be refused planning permission.’
      • ‘Still others impose moratoriums on any new development until all established areas are infilled.’