Definition of infall in US English:



  • The falling of small objects or other matter on to or into a larger body.

    • ‘If the infall of the ordinary matter were not stopped, there would be no visible galaxies, only black holes surrounded by dark matter.’
    • ‘K-bentonite horizons, interpreted as altered volcanic infall, are interbedded with the limestones of the Precordillera.’
    • ‘The strong form states that we're constantly being bombarded with biochemical material from space, and that there's a correlation between Viral outbreaks and patterns of infall.’
    • ‘The stars are nuclear furnaces, where the perpetual gravitational infall is exactly balanced by the outflow of energy generated, literally, at the centre of gravity, the core of the star.’
    • ‘The size of this infall is related directly to the amount of matter in the Universe.’