Definition of inexpressive in US English:



  • Showing no expression.

    ‘an inexpressive face’
    • ‘Unfortunately it was merely the not inconsiderable technical prowess of his dancers that Page showed off in his emotionally inexpressive choreography.’
    • ‘I asked the wizened servant but she made no reply, merely advancing into the room whilst she fixed my face with her dark, inexpressive eyes.’
    • ‘These performances are refined and pure-toned, but not at all inexpressive.’
    • ‘The effect is somewhat flat and inexpressive, however, with attempts to render Tokyo in a gloomy, neo-realist style only partly successful.’
    • ‘These are not the marks of someone who is inexpressive.’
    • ‘He looked up at her, his dark eyes inexpressive, ‘You don't want her to go back to her race and forget you.’’
    • ‘His voice is even more gummy and inexpressive than last time, and he really sounds drugged down into a stupor a lot of the time.’
    • ‘By nature, Jenn was inexpressive about her emotions and valued her private time.’
    • ‘Ennis is the man in this relationship - inexpressive, moody, and witheringly practical - and he tells Jack that their summer together is a one-time thing.’
    • ‘The black and white art greatly contrasts with the open and expressive looks of Sana and the inexpressive looks of Hayama.’
    • ‘It might have been well attended but still inexpressive and mysterious, a merely formal exercise whose meaning was hard to interpret.’
    • ‘But when he answers the door, he turns out to be 49, tall, with deep green eyes and thin and inexpressive lips.’
    • ‘The face that met his was cold and inexpressive.’
    • ‘Like Diana, he seemed to represent a revolt against a stuffy and inexpressive establishment.’
    • ‘She saw an old man who, despite the kind voice that held much concern, looked every inch a butler with an inexpressive face.’
    • ‘After the strong beginning, Louret seems increasingly vapid and inexpressive.’
    • ‘Within the calm and inexpressive facades above are the teaching areas in which spaces are divided according to needs of individual departments that will doubtless change over time.’
    • ‘Most low-budget thrillers of this type suffer from inexpressive acting, but these two give performances that are truly uninhibited.’
    • ‘And his artificial teeth gave an inexpressive set to his mouth.’
    • ‘Because everyone is so inexpressive, it's not clear that any of them even know what they're feeling.’
    expressionless, unexpressive, impassive, inscrutable, unreadable, emotionless, blank, bland, vacant, empty, glazed, fixed, lifeless, inanimate, deadpan, wooden, stony
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