Definition of inexhaustibly in US English:



  • See inexhaustible

    • ‘The intersection of race and religion in the American South offers an inexhaustibly rich field of study, and several recent studies have examined the problem in particular denominations.’
    • ‘The market requires such a view so that it can educate our desires into inexhaustibly new patterns of need and consumption.’
    • ‘Ever since, she has explored the formal, expressive and technical possibilities of the photo-grid, creating an inexhaustibly inventive body of work.’
    • ‘The dominant fare continues to be Mozart, probably the only composer who could sustain such constant high exposure - practically everyone loves Mozart, and luckily he produced a huge, inexhaustibly rich body of work in every form.’
    • ‘Griffiths asserts that works read by religious readers are intrinsically fecund, inexhaustibly edifying, and delighting.’