Definition of inelasticity in US English:



  • See inelastic

    • ‘Furthermore, it should be realized that the inelasticity criticism applies only to the single tax, not to a land-value tax imposed as one tax among others.’
    • ‘And the issue there is what I would call the continuing geographical elasticity of the Republican coalition and the relative inelasticity of the Democrats’.’
    • ‘Land is supremely characterized by its inelasticity of reproducible supply.’
    • ‘The inelasticity of food production drove up prices, while the inelasticity of industry pushed down wages.’
    • ‘The two extreme categories of perfect inelasticity and perfect elasticity are generally of no empirical interest, but usefully bound the value of an elasticity.’
    • ‘I think the steel market and the oil market are fairly comparable when it comes to inelasticity.’