Definition of industrial-strength in US English:



  • Very strong or powerful.

    ‘an industrial-strength cleaner’
    • ‘Is there a shared factor that binds the two together like a blob of industrial-strength super glue?’
    • ‘She had bought us a huge, unwanted bag of pasta, the size of a Dauphin's pillow but sealed in industrial-strength blue plastic.’
    • ‘I lie there in a sleeping bag on my foam pad, wrapped in an industrial-strength garbage bag, a goose-down scarf around my head, shivering.’
    • ‘Although he was clean-shaven, Jason had some industrial-strength steel wool whiskers.’
    • ‘I cannot comprehend what sort of moron could aim an industrial-strength firework at a block of flats full of old people.’
    • ‘Still, full marks for industrial-strength self-confidence.’
    • ‘Did I need a large bottle of industrial-strength bleach?’
    • ‘What I would like to know is how did this child acquire an industrial-strength smoke bomb?’
    • ‘This call came when I was at home with an industrial-strength case of laryngitis.’
    • ‘His supporters went into the debate terribly demoralized, afflicted with an industrial-strength dose of buyer's remorse.’
    • ‘They had no business plan or outside financial backing - but they did possess industrial-strength optimism.’
    • ‘The crackdown followed five attacks in which industrial-strength display fireworks were used to damage phone boxes and several cars on October 12 and 13.’
    • ‘The business of exploiting indigenous peoples and newer immigrants had now become an industrial-strength, three-ocean-coastline policy habit.’
    • ‘Throughout the night, they shine an industrial-strength spotlight on villagers' homes or in the faces of patrolling internationals.’
    • ‘And my industrial-strength bathroom bleach is definitely not nudist-friendly, either.’
    • ‘The really clever ones manage to get hold of industrial-strength incendiaries, which sound as if the SAS have come to town on manoeuvres.’
    • ‘It was an American era of big moustaches, buffed-up barnets, industrial-strength sideburns and intimidating, tightly permed chest hair.’
    • ‘Still, it's in one piece, even if some of the panels are held together by some industrial-strength crazy glue.’
    • ‘Well, that is where I store the bleach and rat poison and industrial-strength cleaning agents, but aside from that, nothing’



/ɪnˈdəstriəl strɛŋ(k)θ/