Definition of indurate in English:



[WITH OBJECT]usually as adjective indurated
  • Harden.

    ‘a bed of indurated clay’
    • ‘The rocks have been intensely deformed and sheared and the calcareous conglomeratic sandstones are well indurated.’
    • ‘Moxa can be used on areas with poor muscle and skin tone (may be found within the same muscle that has indurated triggers) and to vitalize deficient channels.’
    • ‘Crab fossils were found within the lowest portion of the exposed Bahariya Formation in a blue-gray indurated shale.’
    • ‘Most exhibit little surface change and are indurated on palpation.’
    • ‘Sandstone is indurated sand, composed of silicilastic grains bound together by chemically precipitated cement or a recrystallized matrix of fine sediment.’
    • ‘If deep tissue damage is also present, the area may be indurated or boggy when palpated.’


Mid 16th century (earlier Middle English) as induration: from Latin indurat- ‘made hard’, from the verb indurare (based on durus ‘hard’).