Definition of inducible in US English:



  • See induce

    • ‘Briefly, if pests attack infrequently and defense chemicals are energetically costly, selection should favor low basal levels but high inducible levels.’
    • ‘This can be achieved by changing the expression of a single sugar-specific repressor, causing a sugar-specific operon to become more or less inducible.’
    • ‘In the eukaryotic genome, SP1 binding sites are well-known enhancer elements in genes with ubiquitous, yet inducible gene expression.’
    • ‘However, antigen testing may yield false-negative results due to the phenomenon of inducible resistance and depend on the presence of cultured isolates.’
    • ‘However, in response to the combined cues from both predators, mussels expressed neither inducible defense and had significantly reduced tissue growth.’