Definition of indolence in US English:



  • Avoidance of activity or exertion; laziness.

    ‘my failure is probably due to my own indolence’
    • ‘I wouldn't like to use the term gradual laziness to describe the deterioration my work ethic - not when words like indolence, sloth and bone-idleness will do so much better.’
    • ‘I quickly succumb to the languor and indolence that harks back to a more leisurely era.’
    • ‘First of all, fatness equals nonactivity in many people's eyes… not simply laziness, but mental inactivity, indolence, apathy.’
    • ‘Other words suggest themselves, like indolence, laziness and the relentless pursuit of inactivity.’
    • ‘And at this point, I'll jovially join in and roll my eyes at my own sloth and indolence.’
    laziness, idleness, slothfulness, sloth, shiftlessness, inactivity, inaction, inertia, lifelessness, sluggishness, lethargy, languor, languidness, torpor, torpidity, slowness, dullness
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