Definition of indivisibility in US English:



  • See indivisible

    • ‘The planning legislation was not impressed by the indivisibility of single processes.’
    • ‘While addressing the convention, he said further that the biggest challenge before the country was to maintain the unity and indivisibility.’
    • ‘Global warming too easily serves as a metaphor for our common humanity and the indivisibility of the species in a fragmented world.’
    • ‘As can be seen, the recurring theme of the principle is universality, non-exclusivity, non-discrimination, and indivisibility.’
    • ‘I got sick to the back teeth hearing about America is the greatest nation on earth, especially in the context of equality and indivisibility.’
    • ‘Connected with this issue is the debate contrasting indivisibility (all human rights are equal in importance) with hierarchy (some rights are more important than others).’