Definition of indissolubility in US English:



  • See indissoluble

    • ‘We voted to change that in 1996, despite the fact that the indissolubility of marriage was still part of the official teaching of the Catholic Church.’
    • ‘But that suggests something odd: for he is a stickler for the indissolubility of form and content, from the beginning to the end.’
    • ‘I have not touched here upon many other important ideas this rich book develops, including powerful Christian arguments against patriarchy and marital indissolubility.’
    • ‘Both medical science and Catholic doctrine were exploited in declaring the indissolubility of gendered morality.’
    • ‘After all, we Romans with our stringent teachings of indissolubility and annulment do not claim to have a corner on all wisdom and compassion, do we?’