Definition of indiscreetly in US English:



  • See indiscreet

    • ‘Unfortunately Chris drew unwelcome attention by behaving indiscreetly in a wine bar, which first prompted speculation about our marriage.’
    • ‘Their liaison takes place, strangely and indiscreetly, on a bed in a vast open gallery.’
    • ‘The city she was in grew more and more quiet as the crowds indiscreetly disappeared.’
    • ‘‘Well, Juliet's party was successful, as per usual,’ Hannah said, propping an elbow on the table, indiscreetly rolling her eyes.’
    • ‘The man was not chauvinist for cheating on his wife indiscreetly; he was simply a philandering husband.’
    • ‘Last summer I noticed some neighbours eyeing my backyard property most indiscreetly.’