Definition of indigo snake in US English:

indigo snake


  • A large harmless American snake that typically has bluish-black skin which may be patterned.

    Drymarchon corais, family Colubridae

    Also called cribo, "blue gopher snake" (see gopher snake)
    • ‘The eastern indigo snake, which is on the federal list of threatened species, and the gopher tortoise also live here.’
    • ‘They may be preying on native mangrove fox squirrels and wood storks, and they could be competing with the threatened eastern indigo snake for both prey and space.’
    • ‘And they could be competing with the eastern indigo snake for both prey and space.’
    • ‘Another important relationship in the lives of indigo snakes is their association with gopher tortoises.’
    • ‘We walked on through the fragile valley watching for diamondbacks and indigo snakes, maybe even for a serpent.’
    • ‘Fort Stewart harbors large and secure populations of both the eastern indigo snake and gopher tortoise.’
    • ‘In addition, predator species such as the Texas indigo snake need a healthy population of rodents, which in turn thrive wherever insect populations are high.’
    • ‘From green jays to bobcats to indigo snakes, the Brush Country is a special place.’
    • ‘I've radio-tracked sandhill and whooping cranes, black bears, Florida panthers, alligators, gopher tortoises, fox squirrels and even an indigo snake.’
    • ‘Habitat fragmentation is as serious a threat to the eastern indigo snake as outright habitat destruction.’