Definition of indigestibility in US English:



  • See indigestible

    • ‘Tannins act as feeding deterrents either because of their astringency (reduction in palatability) or indigestibility (protein binding characteristics).’
    • ‘For many critics, the term ‘pastiche’ embodied the unacceptable indigestibility of stylistic mixing.’
    • ‘Farmers can delay harvesting until conditions improve and suffer a drop of 0.5 units indigestibility for each day that harvesting is delayed after the grass has headed.’
    • ‘The very indigestibility of what was on show was salutary, requiring a constant reappraisal of reactions, criteria and prejudices.’
    • ‘Perhaps the screenplay is a little too clever for its own good, piling on so many jokes in each sequence, many of them visual, that a certain indigestibility kicks in.’