Definition of indigence in English:



  • A state of extreme poverty.

    ‘he did valuable work toward the relief of indigence’
    • ‘Unsurprisingly, given the risk of arbitrary expropriation and extortion, the ordinary people responded by living in studied indigence.’
    • ‘But you have placed yourself in this predicament through bad policy, and your indigence keeps you in it.’
    • ‘It was really begun by small boys who had very little cord and would put their indigence to rights by recklessly cutting down other people's kites.’
    • ‘For every one rich man there must be at least five hundred poor, and the affluence of the few supposes indigence of the many.’
    • ‘The influx of foreign students in the early 1970s transmuted the lives of Kathakali artistes who had known until then only indigence.’
    poverty, penury, impoverishment, impecuniousness, impecuniosity, destitution, pennilessness, privation, hand-to-mouth existence, pauperism
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