Definition of indeterminacy in US English:



  • See indeterminate

    • ‘Habitat is where sociality takes place, a territory characterised by indeterminacy and ambivalence.’
    • ‘In this context, indeterminacy does not mean magnitude.’
    • ‘The act of writing provided him with just this moment of indeterminacy - of liberation and disappearance.’
    • ‘I appreciated anew that the road to hell is paved, if not necessarily with good intentions, then with indeterminacy, caution, uncertainty and fear.’
    • ‘They represent past events that can be superimposed over present events to produce duration and enhance indeterminacy for individuals as social beings.’
    • ‘Where are the jazz musicians prepared to embrace this ‘double consciousness’ of jazz, to revel in its indeterminacy, yet commit to its particular rigour?’