Definition of independency in US English:



  • 1rare An independent or self-governing state.

  • 2

    archaic term for independence
    • ‘Although Mel's uncle had offered her temporary job in his company, Mel declined his offer because she wanted to test her own independency.’
    • ‘The county had a reputation for sturdy independency.’
    • ‘Korea has been frequently invaded throughout the centuries, which has fostered Korean national pride and a strong sense of culture and independency.’
    • ‘The ranks of nonconformity thrived in an expanding economy of independency where the artisan might still feel closer to the petty capitalist than to the unskilled labourer.’
    • ‘However, written from a Presbyterian perspective, it would be difficult to fully implement within independency.’
    • ‘He sought to balance the independency of the local congregation with the need for a wider, visible unity.’
    • ‘His parents had given the car to him for his 16th birthday, it was a very expensive present, but he told them he'd eventually pay them back due to independency.’
    • ‘We, after getting our independency, we became fully aware of the indebtedness we owed to countries and heads of state who had assisted us.’