Definition of inconceivably in US English:



  • See inconceivable

    as submodifier ‘a crisis of inconceivably devastating proportions’
    • ‘At a gas station in southern Baghdad, an inconceivably long line of cars snakes down a road, around the corner, and up over a bridge all the way across the Tigris.’
    • ‘What he had to suffer was almost inconceivably depraved.’
    • ‘Gissing is so relentlessly materalistic in his focus that the writer's life looks inconceivably horrible by the end of the book: his characters exercise their meager talents towards prostitution or invisibility.’
    • ‘‘Saw’ is a product of Twisted Pictures, and that is exactly what it is - an inconceivably warped, demented and disturbing film.’
    • ‘He has an abundance of talent and ambition, but the sheer scope and impact of his work are so unexpectedly and inconceivably grand that one all but sees a divine spark in the end result.’