Definition of incomprehensibility in US English:



  • See incomprehensible

    • ‘Marriage is the theme, in all its incomprehensibility, its difficulty and its infinite gentle understandings.’
    • ‘The result turned out to be so hard to understand that the novel acquired an aura of profundity by virtue of its sheer incomprehensibility.’
    • ‘It can't: it is crammed with lovers packed in tight, the details smashed flat, extraneous facts shorn away to save space, mangled and compressed to the point of incomprehensibility and all beyond counting or collating.’
    • ‘This article gives some idea of the incomprehensibility of such an event in Japan, where the discovery of a live bullet in someone's luggage at the airport is national news.’
    • ‘The play is, of course, about incomprehensibility and the total futility of all forms of human intercourse.’