Definition of included in US English:



  • 1postpositive Contained as part of a whole being considered.

    ‘all of Europe (Russia included)’
    ‘service tax included’
    • ‘The majority of dystopias - Orwell's included - have been written by men and the point of view has been male.’
    • ‘We requested the other tests to be spread evenly among air-sports, aero-modeling included!’
    • ‘And we feel for them all the more as we imagine all human lives, our own included, against this backdrop of absolute zero.’
    included in, one of, some of, in the group of, in the number of, out of
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    1. 1.1Botany (of a style or stamen) not protruding beyond the corolla.
      • ‘Flowers, regular, tubular with the limbo slightly broadened and 5-dented; stamen included.’