Definition of incipience in US English:



  • See incipient

    • ‘His vision is informed by the hope and joy, as well as the melancholia and uncertainty, of that period of incipience.’
    • ‘My intention here is to link fate with incipience, or to suffuse the limiting condition known as fate with the limiting condition known as beginning in such a way as to allow the limits to cancel each other.’
    • ‘My own conclusion after a bit of homework is that the threat to the civil liberties of most Americans is still mainly a matter of incipience.’
    • ‘But also, from its incipience around 1968, liberation theology has been surrounded by controversy because of its often-unabashed association with Marxist analysis.’
    • ‘Reliable historians tell us Islam inherited much of the Judeo-Christian imagery, including winged angels, during its incipience.’