Definition of incapacitated in US English:



  • Deprived of strength or power; debilitated.

    ‘Richard was temporarily incapacitated’
    • ‘Such an informal check on the Court could give the public some assurances that law clerks are not running an incapacitated justice's office.’
    • ‘The Defendant would then pay the incapacitated person that amount, less any pension contribution if he or she was in the pension scheme and less tax and National Insurance.’
    • ‘It seems likely that the law will need to be changed in this respect and proposals were made by the Law Commission some years ago that would provide for proxy consents for the incapacitated.’
    • ‘Today we look at claims that in Queensland, the regime that looks after the most vulnerable people, the infirm elderly, and incapacitated adults, is failing.’
    • ‘In his incapacitated state the bogus lawman fell gratefully back onto the grass.’
    disabled, debilitated, indisposed, unfit
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