Definition of incantatory in US English:



  • See incantation

    • ‘The section's title poem, an incantatory piece, again acknowledges the weight of exchange, although the poem feels buoyant and light; it is a kind of waking song for the narrator's yet-unborn baby.’
    • ‘For instance, in Ginsberg's Journals for the mid-fifties, his concern to develop long syllabic lines, using the prosaic and the discursive approaches, clearly leads to the incantatory effects of his most celebrated poetry.’
    • ‘Wells has received insufficient credit as a writer of rhythmic, incantatory prose, long-breath paragraphs to cut against his tight journalistic reportage.’
    • ‘With the exception of nine lineated and titled poems spread throughout the text, Spar is a collection of untitled prose poems, giving it the feel of a book-length work as the incantatory intensity of each poem bleeds into the next.’
    • ‘Their speeches are wordy and repetitive, variations on some theme, or simple reiterations for incantatory effect, always mesmerizing even when you merely read the lines to yourself in the script.’