Definition of inbred in US English:



  • 1Produced by inbreeding.

    ‘they are a bunch of inbred idiots’
    • ‘Many of these kittens are inbred and born with deformities and disease.’
    • ‘Offspring from smaller populations were on average more inbred, so inbreeding depression in clonal fitness was higher in small populations.’
    • ‘The small, inbred population is more susceptible to decline via disease and natural disaster.’
  • 2Existing in a person, animal, or plant from birth; congenital.

    ‘inbred disease resistance in crops’
    • ‘i'm not sure what it is but i still have an innate, certainly ingrained, perhaps inbred, suspicion of the police.’
    innate, congenital, existing from birth
    innate, congenital, existing from birth
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  • 1derogatory A person born as a result of inbreeding, typically perceived as unattractive and lacking intelligence (often used as a general term of abuse)

    ‘he provoked criticism when he said the town was full of inbreds’
  • 2Biology
    A crop produced by repeated inbreeding over multiple generations, typically through self-pollination.

    ‘the magnitude of this effect is expected to be greater in inbreds than in hybrids’