Definition of inattention in US English:



  • Lack of attention; distraction.

    ‘a moment of inattention that could have cost lives’
    • ‘And many catastrophes follow from a moment of inattention.’
    • ‘In the present case I think there was more than mere inadvertence or inattention.’
    • ‘The most common fault, after inattention, is for drivers to follow too closely.’
    • ‘At work I've been making a few errors due to inattention.’
    • ‘What was a graceful and vibrant part of the city has become tired and tawdry as the ravages of time and inattention over the last 15 years have taken their toll.’
    lack of concentration, distraction, inattentiveness, preoccupation, absent-mindedness, daydreaming, dreaminess, reverie, wool-gathering, abstraction, staring into space, obliviousness
    negligence, neglect, neglectfulness, disregard, slackness, remissness, laxness
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