Definition of inappropriately in US English:



  • In a manner that is not suitable or proper in the circumstances.

    ‘I deny that I have behaved inappropriately’
    ‘pupils dressed inappropriately will be disciplined’
    • ‘Oviraptor, now known to be inappropriately named, was a dinosaur which reached 2 metres long.’
    • ‘You may want to initiate a lawsuit to recover any assets that were inappropriately transferred to your stepbrother.’
    • ‘Most of the play's humour derives from one person behaving inappropriately regarding the other's rank.’
    • ‘These children have difficulty sharing play materials and often respond inappropriately to peers ' comments.’
    • ‘Kids should alert an adult if they've been touched inappropriately.’
    • ‘Ideological systems inappropriately constrict creativity.’
    • ‘It seems like I'm constantly dressed inappropriately for the weather.’
    • ‘Some people have raised the question of higher-ups inappropriately influencing this settlement.’
    • ‘Almost two-thirds of antibiotics given to patients at the hospital were used inappropriately.’
    • ‘He was never at a loss for the wounding remark, the inappropriately coarse joke, the cold put-down.’