Definition of inadvisability in US English:



  • See inadvisable

    • ‘He repeatedly roiled the international currency markets with offhand comments about the value of the dollar and the inadvisability of bailouts of countries like Turkey, Brazil and Argentina.’
    • ‘Any of the locals could have told Oswaldo about the inadvisability of swimming in the Terraba.’
    • ‘And now, because of the inadvisability of doing so again - at least not without a show of public support for such a move - the idea of a referendum has been floated to get around this problem.’
    • ‘Besides the inadvisability of putting such things on paper, it was just too hard to put together complex deals with numerous actors across a continental nation.’
    • ‘He couldn't prevent the marriage, but his stand served to generate a heated debate in the tiny hamlet about the inadvisability of marrying girls so young.’