Definition of inactively in US English:



  • See inactive

    • ‘But the levies also affect those who, either actively or inactively, create or exacerbate the problem of an incursion.’
    • ‘By testing salmon during winter, when juveniles shelter inactively in streambed refuges, we tested whether individuals associate with or avoid their siblings at a time when the opportunity for kin-directed behaviors is restricted.’
    • ‘Observations were spaced at least 10 min apart and consisted of a count of the number of tadpoles active (swimming or feeding) and resting inactively.’
    • ‘Now, over 30 years later, some of the people I remember as uneasily inactive (or were they inactively uneasy?) will tell you how they opposed the war.’
    • ‘I think that it is of paramount importance that at this point I state that at no point did the ALS ever seek, actively, or inactively, the votes or preferences of liberals.’