Definition of inactivate in US English:



[with object]
  • Make inactive or inoperative.

    ‘household bleach does not inactivate the virus’
    • ‘Methods using photochemical treatment focus on inactivating bacteria, viruses, and parasites that are present in the component.’
    • ‘The experimental DNA vaccine is synthesized using modified, inactivated genes from the Ebola virus.’
    • ‘These vaccines are inactivated and should be administered intramuscularly into the deltoid muscle.’
    • ‘If a family member is due to receive their oral polio, they should receive inactivated polio.’
    • ‘Vaccine choices include two inactivated preparations with similar efficacy.’
    • ‘Ultraviolet disinfection units may destroy bacteria, inactivate viruses, and leave no taste or odor in the water.’
    • ‘The candidate vaccine is synthesized using modified, inactivated genes from Ebola virus.’
    • ‘The immune system develops a memory response to the flu vaccine because the vaccine contains inactivated viral particles.’
    • ‘Other rhodium complexes may also be useful for sterilising blood for transfusion by inactivating viruses.’
    • ‘Pastuerization has also been used successfully to inactivate viruses in plasma products such as IVIG and coagulation factors, but not in FFP.’
    • ‘The aim of the approach is to reduce the risk of vaginal or anal transmission of the virus by killing or inactivating it, creating a barrier to mucosal cells or preventing the infection taking hold after it has entered the body.’
    • ‘A third method of pathogen inactivation is therefore being considered that not only inactivates all viruses but also kills bacteria, parasites, and lymphocytes.’
    • ‘Dismissing critics, Salk came up with an effective way of inactivating the virus and personally conducted early human trials of the vaccine, which demonstrated its effectiveness.’
    • ‘If the cells lived - that is, if there were enough antibodies in the serum to inactivate the virus - they would clear the dye color to yellow as the medium became more acidic.’
    • ‘Preparation of a flu vaccine involves growing a vaccine strain of the virus in fertilized chicken eggs, collecting the virus and inactivating it prior to use.’
    • ‘They inactivated the viruses, filtered and blended the three types into the vaccine for the trial.’
    • ‘The clinical trials in these instances used inactivated viruses as vectors to shuffle genes into patients' cells.’
    • ‘They may also reduce the spread of influenza viruses throughout the respiratory tract and allow upper respiratory tract mucus to inactivate the viruses more easily.’
    • ‘IPV has three types of polio virus which are completely inactivated with formaldehyde.’
    • ‘UV-B light has a greater penetration depth in protein solutions, however, and it was found to be ineffective at inactivating viruses to acceptable levels without damaging plasma proteins.’
    disable, deactivate, render inactive, make inoperative, prevent from working, halt, stop, immobilize
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