Definition of inaccessibly in US English:



  • See inaccessible

    • ‘Yet for many spectators, the Chinese scene remains mysterious and inaccessibly exotic.’
    • ‘It has crisp, golden crackling and tender, juicy meat, is easy to cook and easy to serve, and is neither intimidatingly large nor inaccessibly expensive.’
    • ‘The major setback for everybody seems to be the inaccessibly high ticket prices which cannot be acquired from friends - as it is sometimes the case in other boxing events at that venue.’
    • ‘Literature allows an opening into our place - into elements of our lifeworlds inaccessibly buoyed, submerged darkly and refracted just out of our reach.’
    • ‘The Inland Sea is a shallow saltwater lake with a swim-through 150m long to the outer and inaccessibly steep cliffs.’