Definition of in vino veritas in US English:

in vino veritas


  • Under the influence of alcohol, a person tells the truth.

    • ‘When the drink is in, the truth comes out, especially for men, giving yet more support, as if any were needed, to the Roman adage in vino veritas.’
    • ‘She claimed it was all the fault of booze and pills, of course, but in vino veritas, as we all know.’
    • ‘The truth will come out, and, of course, the wine could help loosen tongues - in vino veritas.’
    • ‘I made my provisional selection (for this poll) while drunk, but in vino veritas and all of that, so I'll keep the original seven and take three more from the rest.’


Latin, literally ‘truth in wine’.


in vino veritas

/ˈvīnō ˈveriˌtas/