Definition of in view in US English:

in view


  • 1Visible to someone.

    ‘the youth was keeping him in view’
    • ‘When fish were not in view for the entire observation period, sampling was abandoned and restarted when the fish reappeared.’
    • ‘The driver, a man in late forties, early fifties, slowly rose in view, obviously knocked to the side as the truck was hit from behind.’
    • ‘The new Woolworths just off Glengariff road in Sea Point was in view as we noticed a Brazilian goddess walking over the road.’
    • ‘The see-through tent with the bridge in view, the Andes range always visible and the great river surging ahead completed our tableau.’
    • ‘The way ahead needs to be clearly signposted, the destination obvious and in view.’
    perceptible, perceivable, seeable, observable, noticeable, easily seen, detectable, discernible, recognizable, in view, in sight, on view, on display
    View synonyms
    1. 1.1 As one's aim or objective.
      ‘his arrest is the principal object I have in view’
      • ‘The fact is that, carried out strategically, and with clear objectives in view, exporting products or services can provide an important route to business growth.’
      • ‘Think, speak and act with clearly defined objectives in view.’
      • ‘Mol has a second object in view: she also observes her own multiple practices of scholarly research and writing, which are explicitly implicated in this account of a disease.’
      • ‘The croquet player has one single object to keep in view - namely, to win the game; and in the following ‘Hints’ we shall endeavour to give him the means.’
      • ‘Our Lord had this great objective firmly in view all along.’
      • ‘A pool player is always to be single-minded with one object in view, to play!’
      • ‘I can find nothing to suggest that they had a different objective in view which their words failed properly to express.’
      • ‘Those words direct the reader to construe what comes afterwards with that object in view.’
      • ‘The Western strategist always keeps the objective firmly in view, sees the path to the top, and focuses all efforts on reaching the summit.’
      • ‘With this object in view, all but the very latest arrivals from England contrive to make their houses as little oriental and as much like an English home as possible.’
      • ‘With this object in view, it is my pleasure to provide a reference for my children's further education and sincerely wish them good luck in the future.’
    2. 1.2 In one's mind when forming a judgment.
      ‘it is important to have in view the position reached at the beginning of the 1970s’
      • ‘Today what people have in view is eliminating suffering from the world.’
      • ‘There is a third possibility: that he courted a struggle to see what came of it, determined to manipulate that struggle to gain certain ends which he had in view.’
      • ‘This giving of the law had in view the ultimate purpose of God, that we might be righteoused by faith.’
      • ‘They ought to stand aside for someone without sentiment and with a fair and open mind with the club's honour in view.’
      • ‘The titles of some of Mr Walsh's papers will serve to throw light on the particular objects which he had in view.’