Definition of in triplicate in US English:

in triplicate


  • 1Three times in exactly the same way.

    ‘the procedure was repeated in triplicate’
    • ‘Each transfection was performed in triplicate and experiments were repeated twice.’
    • ‘All experiments were conducted in triplicate and repeated at least twice.’
    • ‘All experiments were performed in triplicate and repeated twice.’
    • ‘For every experiment each condition was measured in triplicate, and each experiment was repeated three times.’
    • ‘All assays were performed at least in triplicate and experiments were repeated four times.’
    • ‘Assays were repeated in triplicate for each condition, and tubing morphogenesis was evaluated.’
    • ‘Since screens were done in triplicate followed by a confirmation procedure, we expect our data set to be largely devoid of false positives.’
    • ‘Each real-time measurement was repeated three times in triplicate to determine transcript abundance.’
    • ‘The experiments of PAS were repeated in triplicate, and an average value was obtained with estimated error bars.’
    • ‘Each treatment combination was replicated in triplicate and the experiment was repeated three times.’
    1. 1.1 Existing as a set of three exact copies.
      ‘this form is in triplicate and must be handed to all employees’
      • ‘Unless, of course, they break up, in which case you'll require an immediate fax and hard copies in triplicate.’
      • ‘I didn't imagine that his ‘special’ work required quite so much mind-numbing red tape and endless copies in triplicate.’
      • ‘He licks his fingers, then his lips, then the ballpoint and begins very slowly copying out the letters and numbers in triplicate on three ancient, moth-winged ledgers.’
      • ‘This form, typed in triplicate and smothered in stamps and signatures must be obtained from the Interior Ministry.’
      • ‘This time we have got everything in writing - in triplicate.’
      • ‘People are finding it quite difficult right now - all forms and quotas must be filled out in triplicate.’
      • ‘On Friday, my friend Nigel and I set off armed with copies in triplicate of the witness statements I'd collected to deliver to said parties as per court order.’
      • ‘Waiting in line there I witnessed 2 computerless ticket sales each involving the laborious filling out of 3 separate forms in triplicate with numerous stamps applied to each form and its copies.’
      • ‘Submissions should be typewritten and in triplicate,’ says Cath.’
      • ‘People are finding it quite difficult right now - all the forms and quotes must be filled out in triplicate,’ he said.’