Definition of in the power of in US English:

in the power of


  • Under the control of.

    ‘a church ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit’
    • ‘Its forked root, seemingly resembling the human form, was thought to be in the power of dark earth spirits.’
    • ‘I am limp in the power of the current that tugs beneath the waves.’
    • ‘What is for sale is effectively a tenancy - the grant of which is actually in the power of the Crofters Commission.’
    • ‘In the end, when they have gained their purpose, they lose all interest and leave their man in the power of fate with one more bill to pay.’
    • ‘We will go through these doors in the power of the Spirit, knowing that Jesus has gone through them all first.’
    have control over, have influence over, have under one's thumb, have at one's mercy, have in one's clutches, have in the palm of one's hand, have eating out of one's hand, have on a string, have one's claws into
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