Definition of in the picture in US English:

in the picture


  • Fully informed about something.

    • ‘I well remember my first day at senior school, your mates put you in the picture.’
    • ‘Lee also demonstrates the tying of new patterns so that we are kept fully in the picture.’
    • ‘And as soon as the starting pistol was fired readers raced to the telephone and email to put me in the picture.’
    • ‘Although I was proud of my parents, I needed some separation from them and to put myself in the picture.’
    • ‘So if you have a mobile phone you can put it to good use by putting these individuals in the picture.’
    • ‘Blogging fills in the picture of which only a small part is reported by journalists.’
    • ‘We just want him to keep us in the picture with what's happening and what kind of deal he's after.’
    • ‘He was put in the picture by the amused elderly ladies who gossip every evening in the entrance hall of the block.’
    • ‘I am indebted to a good friend for making sure I am kept in the picture.’
    • ‘He will also be asking Smith to meet with the players this week to put them in the picture about what will happen over the coming weeks.’
    inform, fill in, give details to, explain the situation to, give information to, explain the circumstances to, describe the state of affairs to, bring up to date, update, brief, keep posted
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