Definition of in the neighborhood of in English:

in the neighborhood of


  • Approximately; about.

    ‘the cost would be in the neighborhood of three billion’
    • ‘The machine should cost in the neighbourhood of $5,000 - $7,000.’
    • ‘Most hospital treatments cost in the neighborhood of $500.’
    • ‘The cost of the clean-up will be in the neighbourhood of $14,000.’
    • ‘A typical study takes four to six weeks to do properly, and costs in the neighborhood of $50,000 to $100,000.’
    • ‘It will cost in the neighborhood of $750 million to put up new facilities to replace the Charity and University Hospitals.’
    • ‘I would expect now to see long-term returns run somewhat higher, in the neighbourhood of 7% after costs.’
    • ‘Renting an allocated server would cost in the neighborhood of $200 a month (a considerable step up from the current $5).’
    • ‘The cost for this should run in the neighbourhood of $160 to $200 thousand, which is about the same amount that pouring the floor would have cost.’
    • ‘A formal focus group session with average voters can cost in the neighborhood of $4,000-5,000.’
    • ‘Yeah, at this point, obviously, I think that they have had him now for somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 days, roughly.’
    approximately, about, around, roughly, in the region of, of the order of, not far off, nearly, almost, close to, just about, practically, more or less, or so, there or thereabouts, as near as dammit to
    getting on for
    in the ballpark of
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