Definition of in the name of in US English:

in the name of


  • 1Bearing or using the name of a specified person or organization.

    ‘a driver's license in the name of William Sanders’
    • ‘This was paid out in the name of the person appearing on the package as the addressee and for his account.’
    • ‘The first three properties are said to stand in the name of his wife, and the fourth in the name of his son.’
    • ‘One account was maintained in the name of the first clerk and the other account in the name of the second clerk's wife.’
    • ‘This is usually a passport or driving licence and a utility bill in the name of the individual applying for credit.’
    • ‘More pages of text have been preserved in Archytas' name than in the name of any other Pythagorean.’
    • ‘However, a non-trivial number of aircraft continue to fly in the name of firms named by the UN.’
    • ‘The offer was made in the name of the family, but title was actually taken in the name of the company.’
    • ‘The trust gets together every year to organise commemorative ceremonies and to give away an award in the name of the actor.’
    • ‘In 1649 they officially claimed the island in the name of the king and named it Bourbon.’
    • ‘Another time a building society withdrew cash from a child's account because it was in the name of his parents, who owed them money.’
    1. 1.1 For the sake of.
      ‘he withdrew his candidacy in the name of party unity’
      • ‘If the man from the Labour Party says no, he appears ungracious and unwilling to put aside political differences in the name of unity.’
      • ‘Some die in the name of, or for the sake of trying to attain, a much much worse life for others.’
      • ‘It only represents a small number of people who enjoy killing animals in the name of sport.’
      • ‘Benedictine spirituality does not set out to burden some of the sake of others in the name of community.’
      • ‘In the name of democracy, in the name of liberty, in the name of fraternity, we kill so many people.’
      • ‘We have abandoned representative democracy in this country in the name of participatory democracy.’
      • ‘Let's bring in a company who's sole focus appears to be putting the little guys out of business in the name of making more money.’
      • ‘A lot of war has been done in the name of freedom, in the name of many principles that we have.’
      • ‘We are here today in the name of Jesus, in the name of our children.’
      • ‘The king, like most autocrats, appears to believe that he speaks in the name of the people.’
      as a representative of, as a spokesperson for, for, in the name of, with power of attorney for, in place of, on the authority of, at the behest of
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    2. 1.2 By the authority of.
      ‘crimes committed in the name of religion’
      • ‘Some of our leaders want to remove things biblical for the sake of being fair to other faiths in the name of human rights.’
      • ‘I think that fraud and forgery offences were committed in the name of the prime minister.’
      • ‘These acts of barbarism were committed in the name of official military policy.’
      • ‘Religious hypocrisy and atrocities committed in the name of faiths underlie much of the history of the world.’
      • ‘The time is overdue for public outrage at the crimes being committed in the name of criminal justice.’
      • ‘If Islam has thrown up its extremists, we can recall the excesses committed over centuries in the name of Christianity.’
      • ‘But the sad truth is that the worst atrocities continue to be committed in the name of national security.’
      • ‘Execution is committed by the state in the name of the people.’
      • ‘I was told that whatever problems I had could be solved by taking authority over them in the name of Jesus.’
      • ‘Thus it is that some of the gravest crimes against humanity are committed in the name of religion.’
    3. 1.3in the name of Christ/God/heaven Used for emphasis.
      ‘what in the name of God do you think you're doing?’
      • ‘What in the name of God would bring to this place?’
      • ‘What, in the name of God, were we supposed to do with several thousand almost-but-not-quite out-of-date cream crackers?’
      • ‘How in the name of whichever gods did they ever pass their driving tests?’
      • ‘Who in the name of God would call a bishop ‘bish’?’
      • ‘‘Look, the chaps were wrong but in the name of God can you tell me how it took three weeks to sort it out, and it's still not sorted out,’ he said.’