Definition of in the cause of in US English:

in the cause of


  • So as to support, promote, or defend something.

    • ‘This is because we must accept a compromise of some of our fundamental human rights and liberties in the cause of effectively fighting the enemy.’
    • ‘If only they could be put to use in the cause of peace.’
    • ‘When articles like this start appearing in major newspapers, you know that something is stirring in the cause of English independence.’
    • ‘Finding a taxi on Valentine's Day afternoon in Devizes could be something of a problem, but few will mind because it will be in the cause of true love.’
    • ‘Its ‘heroes’ are revered as martyrs in the cause of Irish freedom.’
    • ‘Nearly 600 children took to the streets in the cause of road safety.’
    • ‘It was in the cause of liberty that writers such as Cowper and T. Day defended the Noble Savage and attacked the slave trade.’
    • ‘And his martyrdom in the cause of revolution sparked all those riots and protests in 1968, didn't it?’
    • ‘Freedom prevailed, and today the enemies of World War II are allies in the cause of peace.’
    • ‘The number of older cattle now slaughtered and burnt in the cause of BSE eradication, as of last week exceeded 5m in the UK.’