Definition of in terms of (or in — terms) in US English:

in terms of (or in — terms)


  • With regard to the particular aspect or subject specified.

    ‘replacing the printers is difficult to justify in terms of cost’
    ‘sales are down by nearly 7 percent in real terms’
    • ‘In terms of academic freedom, however, the process has hardly been progressive.’
    • ‘This is not yet a company that has made it in commercial terms, and there is always a chance that it will not get there.’
    • ‘They look good but are relatively tasteless and are less than ideal in nutritional terms.’
    • ‘He began justifying the war in human rights terms.’
    • ‘The last ceremony was a success in ratings terms, attracting half of the TV audience in Scotland.’
    • ‘The cost in financial terms is soaring, the cost in emotional terms is unmeasurable.’
    • ‘In terms of diversity, students said they had more opportunities to talk with students who had different backgrounds.’
    • ‘In terms of finance it brings in more than half a million pounds extra revenue over one weekend.’
    • ‘Almost entirely grey in moral terms, it's bright and innovative in all other respects.’
    • ‘While this is plenty of distance in everyday terms, in astronomical terms, it is a very near miss.’
    with regard to, as regards, regarding, concerning, as to, in respect of, with reference to, in the matter of, in connection with
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