Definition of in someone/something's train (or in the train of) in US English:

in someone/something's train (or in the train of)


  • 1Following behind someone or something.

    • ‘Few thought to ask, to question the idea that ‘the people’ could be led as always, would follow blindly in the train of materialistic progress to social or cultural ‘progress’.’
    • ‘He was a painter early in his life, but then studied with a certain Bryson and with the Democritean Anaxarchus, with whom he travelled to India in the train of Alexander the Great.’
    • ‘He follows in the train of distinguished Erasmus lecturers, including Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Peter Berger, Paul Johnson, Jean-Marie Cardinal Lustiger, Rabbi David Novak, and Mary Ann Glendon.’
    • ‘Carried to Italy (probably in the train of the Borgia popes), it was developed further, the flat bridge of the vihuela being replaced by a free-standing arched bridge, which was glued to the belly like that of a guitar.’
    1. 1.1 As a sequel or consequence.
      ‘unemployment brings great difficulties in its train’
      • ‘This was possible due to the immigration of many Iranians to Bengal in the train of Muslim conquest and in the service of the rulers.’