Definition of in sight in US English:

in sight


  • 1Visible.

    ‘no other vehicle was in sight’
    • ‘They can easily turn into mobs, stoning everything in sight, private vehicles not excluded.’
    • ‘The sky was pitch black and surprisingly there was not a cloud in sight, just a clear, beautiful sky.’
    • ‘After the Cessna pilot reported the jet in sight, the tower cleared the Cessna for takeoff.’
    • ‘It was like a scene from a bygone era one of Bexley's busiest roads and not a vehicle in sight.’
    • ‘The only thing in sight was a large blue van, obviously there to transport my team.’
    • ‘I always signal, even if there's no other vehicle or person in sight.’
    • ‘Above me, other divers were swimming with a purpose; they obviously had a dolphin in sight.’
    • ‘I sit at the bar with a pint of export and it must be obvious to everyone in sight that I'm still fuming.’
    • ‘Sometimes on a country road you hit the traffic flow just right and find yourself in a kind of moving bubble where there are no other vehicles in sight fore or aft.’
    • ‘When the inn was in sight, her view was suddenly blocked by a bulky figure.’
    perceptible, perceivable, seeable, observable, noticeable, easily seen, detectable, discernible, recognizable, in view, in sight, on view, on display
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    1. 1.1 Near at hand; close to being achieved or realized.
      ‘the minister insisted that agreement was in sight’
      • ‘The pain is still there but relief is obviously in sight.’
      • ‘With a mutually acceptable resolution apparently not in sight, the dean wrote to the professor.’
      • ‘Today, there's no price relief in sight for motorists at the bowser.’
      • ‘You've had forward deployed troops for over a decade with no end in sight.’
      • ‘A grandiose scandal was sparked - with no end in sight in the near future.’
      • ‘There appears to be no end in sight to the indefinite strike at Rossington Colliery, near Doncaster.’
      • ‘The problem is there is no obvious solution in sight to the current global crisis.’
      • ‘Now hostilities are going to take longer than thought, and with no clear disengagement in sight.’
      • ‘On the other hand, war fatigue and the exhaustion with unending violence with no end in sight is also a reality.’
      • ‘However, a few people find themselves suffering these unpleasant effects apparently without an end in sight.’