Definition of in question in US English:

in question


  • 1Being considered or discussed.

    ‘on the day in question, there were several serious emergencies’
    • ‘It seems to me that part of the dilemma you are discussing herein is not a function of the art in question per se.’
    • ‘The Defendant has made considerable efforts to identify the individuals in question.’
    • ‘The policy in question is less than a year old and this is the first election for which it has been in place.’
    • ‘I would think that the woman in question has severe emotional issues that should be dealt with.’
    • ‘If it has evidence of an infringement, it has to issue a reasoned opinion to the state in question.’
    • ‘Having seen the picture in question, it would certainly seem as though the shape is that of a skull.’
    • ‘The land in question enjoys a prime location on one of the town's major access routes.’
    • ‘You could phone the person in question and explain your worries and fears.’
    • ‘There is no doubt that many of the compounds in question were inactive; others less so.’
    • ‘Furthermore it's equally hard to believe that the song in question is that old.’
    at issue, being discussed, under discussion, under consideration, on the agenda, for debate, to be discussed, to be decided
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  • 2In doubt.

    ‘all of the old certainties are in question’
    • ‘His good faith may not be in question, but his credibility most certainly is.’
    • ‘When someone's life is in question, we have to be able to make a clear and conscious decision as to their guilt.’
    • ‘That was no doubt the case of the minister whose expenses were in question in the case of Jardine v Gillespie.’
    • ‘Then his positioning was in question as sub Andy Sullivan scored Whyteleafe's third.’
    • ‘In the past we did not take sufficient action quick enough for those whose performance was in question.’
    • ‘Our report made clear why it was felt that the future of up to eight of the 24 churches in the area was in question.’
    • ‘Their patriotism, more in evidence then than it is today, was not in question.’