Definition of in private in English:

in private


  • With no one else present.

    ‘I've got to talk to you in private’
    • ‘Most British ambassadors would have huffed and puffed in private, and said nothing in public.’
    • ‘When it comes to actually dealing with death and the dead, even in public, we do so in private.’
    • ‘Yesterday, Manchester city council's executive met in private to agree the deal.’
    • ‘The meeting is being held in private, with only creditors allowed to attend.’
    • ‘The judge was today hearing a bail application on Colin's behalf in private.’
    • ‘There is even a coffee table and two armchairs if you want to chat with your girlfriend in private.’
    • ‘The GMC panel held much of the hearing in private, but ruled its decision could be made public.’
    • ‘The special meeting was being held in private because of the commercial sensitivity of the project.’
    • ‘The problem for those seeking clarity is that much of the direct policy lobbying takes place in private.’
    • ‘Rome has an obsession with secrecy - a lot goes on in private but it need not.’
    in secret, secretly, in secrecy, privately, behind closed doors, in camera, with no one else present
    in confidence, confidentially, between ourselves, off the record
    sub rosa
    entre nous, à huis clos
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