Definition of in passing in US English:

in passing


  • Briefly and casually.

    ‘the research was mentioned only in passing’
    • ‘Apparently it was mentioned in passing the other night, and the pentagon is being very close-lipped about it.’
    • ‘A couple of months back, I mentioned this blog in passing to someone I know.’
    • ‘It was mentioned in passing that computers used binary, and programmers would often use octal.’
    • ‘You make mention in passing of nuclear power, but doesn't the logic of your argument mean you should be a strong supporter of it?’
    • ‘Morris dancers are only mentioned in passing in the text, in the section on calendar customs, and costume not at all.’
    • ‘I mentioned in passing that this was no great tragedy for me, as indeed it wasn't, but that was all.’
    • ‘There was talk of his daughter who was a friend of the abused girl I referred to just now, but she was only mentioned in passing.’
    • ‘My birthday seemed to be the perfect excuse and I mentioned it in passing to my husband who, in turn, booked a table.’
    • ‘All were mentioned in passing, but the hottest topic of all was what was happening off the pitch.’
    • ‘Sister Briodie mentioned, almost in passing, that I will need front-opening pyjamas.’
    • ‘So when you phone, you might want to mention in passing that you are also considering a couple of their rivals.’
    • ‘I said that I was going to mention another Act to your Honours and I mention it only in passing.’
    • ‘Mention in passing that your beauty salon is really near the office.’
    • ‘I mentioned that in passing at the time and it elicited a stream of foul-mouthed, intemperate abuse from him.’
    • ‘Last week I mentioned in passing that I find shaving to be terribly boring, and a real waste of time.’
    • ‘The energy crisis, so crucial to the whole mess, is really mentioned only in passing.’
    • ‘While the novel makes some room for the landowners the film mentions them only in passing.’
    • ‘Now they mention it in passing and go on to other security issues.’
    • ‘She was sorry that she had even even alerted me to his existence by mentioning him in passing.’
    • ‘I mentioned it in passing to someone the following day and thought nothing more of it.’
    incidentally, by the by, by the way, as it happens, in the course of conversation, en passant, parenthetically
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