Definition of in one's glory in US English:

in one's glory


  • In a state of extreme joy or exaltation.

    • ‘But to take him out and talk about things and show him different trees and the pool and there, I'm in my glory.’
    • ‘He was in his glory now, the man with all the answers.’
    • ‘I was still too busy relishing in my glory to notice he was seriously in trouble.’
    • ‘Not that gloating or reveling in his glory would have done him much good.’
    • ‘Find a partner who can dance well, then just bask in her glory.’
    • ‘Beware of arrogance and vanity when you bask in your glory.’
    • ‘The wheels of time rolled back on the streets of the Capital on Sunday as magnificent motorcars of yesteryears basked in their glory at the annual Statesman Vintage and Classic Car Rally.’
    • ‘Just a glimmer of hope, when India could have basked in his glory.’
    • ‘But until then the Samurai are happy to bask in their glory.’
    • ‘Ideologues are in their glory denouncing ‘corporate greed’ among drug companies.’
    • ‘They were fresh, still stinging in their glory and bleeding from the skin deep slits.’
    • ‘And we denizens of the capital would be in our glory.’
    • ‘He should sit back and think about his career - he should bask in his glory.’
    • ‘Geneva had never felt so much like a queen and she basked in her glory.’
    • ‘Even when I win, I really don't look at photos and bask in my glory and say, ‘Wow, I look great.’’
    • ‘She filled out the return form and dropped it in the mailbox, then rushed back inside to bask in her glory.’
    • ‘I've broken a lot of records and standards and I feel happy about that - now I'm trying to bask in my glory.’