Definition of in one's face in US English:

in one's face


  • Directly at or against one; as one approaches.

    ‘she slammed the door in my face’
    • ‘I have visited hundreds of people and had the door slammed in my face.’
    • ‘So we have no public policy and that has a very - a very bad effect on our scientists because they don't know what to do because the door might be slammed in their face.’
    • ‘Time does not make the frustrations of having so many doors slammed in your face less painful.’
    • ‘I'm not the sort of person who can brusquely say ‘not today thank you’ and slam the door firmly in their face.’
    • ‘If so, I think he might get upset and potentially bitter when the door gets slammed in his face.’
    • ‘One chap slammed the door in his face but not before he told him he already had enough double-glazing.’
    • ‘And then she shut the door in our faces, left us there on the front porch and went to make the cup of tea.’
    • ‘One pensioner refused to allow the caller into her house, and slammed the door in his face.’
    • ‘Whenever he goes to play in public, he seems to get doors slammed in his face.’
    • ‘I introduced myself, waiting for the door to be slammed in my face and, surprise, she let me in and started to talk.’